Where do you turn when you are tired?

One of the keys to Endurance is the ability to know when you need help.  Why do we wait until we are tired and at the end of our rope to finally cry out for help?  Why does clarity usually come after the struggle? It is our innate pride that drives our seclusion from seeking help.  It is our innate stubbornness that drives our inability to accept the offers for reprieve.  Yet, in the moments when our eyes are drooping and our muscles are crying out for a rest we realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of this may have been avoidable. Everything may have had a solution had we looked before the point of exhaustion.

Where does your solution come from?  Is it in the people around you? Maybe. Is it in a safe haven from a circumstance? It’s possible. But, the reality is that in most area’s, in most situations, in most times; our solution comes from God.  He is the one who rescues, who lifts, who offers escape.  A great verse that shows this is Matthew 11:28. “Come to me all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens.  I will give you rest.” But the most important word in that verse is ‘come’.  We must come to get the rest.  God doesn’t just bring it if we don’t want it.

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