Millions of Miracles


Millions of Miracles helps challenge the evolutionists worldview through discovering what really is happening in nature.



The purpose of ‘Millions of Miracles’ is not nearly so much to present something new and earth shattering as to present the contract between creationism and evolutionism in vividly clear and understandable terminology. In it’s pages the average reader cannot miss the stark reality of contrast between the perverted lies of Satan entwined into the propaganda of evolutionism over against the pristine purity of the power of our Creator, demonstrated in His majestic creation (in spite of the fact that this earth is under the curse of sin and death). Any reader, teen or adult, who can read will soon easily understand the stark reality that the religion of evolutionism is much more about sex than science. Several avid evolutionists have admitted that they chose to believe evolutionism because they didn’t want to have God interfering with their sexual preferences.
Rick has spent many hours at academic symposiums with scientists, philosophers and professors where the fog of academic jargon obscured the reality of the subjects being discussed. This book cuts through the fog and exposes the truth!