Gracious Obedience by Preston Sprinkle

Gracious Obedience  The following is an excerpt from Preston Sprinkle’s Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace for Us (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2014). The relationship between grace and obedience is a gnarly issue, and too often you have to hack your way through a theological jungle to sort out the problem. […]

New Every Morning by Earline Kline

Caregiving and Endurance by Earline Kline After my father died my mother’s mind began to slip.  So my sister took her into her own home to care for her.  Then one day she called me and ask of I could take mother for a while and give her a break? […]

We mimic what we see.

I was walking through a store the other day, and did something that would have made me blush had anyone else been around.  There was a table of baby gifts and decorations with a large sign on it. The entire sign was a giant picture of a baby with a […]

The Star Trek Transporter Points to the Soul!

Author John Mitchell answers some tough questions about Christianity in ‘Fire Song’. For all you Star Trek fans you’ll love the analogy given to prove the existence of the soul. Read it. Then “Live long, and prosper.”                           […]

‘Lighten Up’ continues to touch lives.

I talked to a reader the other day from the mid-west who’s wife was reading ‘Lighten Up’. He said that his wife is not normally a fiction reader, but started reading ‘Lighten Up’ and immediately connected with the story. He went on to share with me the ways that Angela’s […]

Guatemala or Bust 2013

  I love learning, though at times the learning process can be a painful one. That is not just true for the learner, but also for those around him. That fact became clear over the last few months. I have been blessed to go on mission trips to South Africa […]

Where do you turn when you are tired?

One of the keys to Endurance is the ability to know when you need help.  Why do we wait until we are tired and at the end of our rope to finally cry out for help?  Why does clarity usually come after the struggle? It is our innate pride that […]

Lighten Up releases on Kindle

As of Tuesday November 6th ‘Lighten Up’ released on Kindle.  Visit to download your copy today.  

New Author Signed to Endurance Press

Angela Ruth Strong has signed a contract with Endurance Press.  Her first book with EP, ‘Lighten Up’, will be releasing to ebook on November 6th with the trade paper edition hitting shelves shortly after that. Angela Ruth’s debut novel Love Finds You in Sun Valley, Idaho released December 2010 earning […]