A Smarter Heart


Unlock the Mystery of the Human Heart as revealed in the pages of Scripture.



The word “heart” carries a lot of weight in our culture and around the world. It is used numerous times in our daily vocabulary for a variety of different reasons. We often use phrases like, the heart of the matter, listen to your heart, or follow your heart. But do we really understand what we are saying?

In recent years, science has discovered more about the heart and its role in our life, our thoughts, and our actions. But whatever science is now discovering, the Bible has already revealed. In ‘A Smarter Heart‘ you will explore the heart in depth as you study what the Bible says in chapters like; The Heart of God, Guard your Heart, and A Renewed Heart, among many others.

You are invited to open this book and discover the link between the heart and the mind. Is there a correlation between them? Can the mind “feel”? Can the heart “think”? These, and many other, questions are answered inside as you strive to develop “A Smarter Heart“.