Fire Song: Rediscovering The Ancient Melody

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With evocative, fresh dialogue, mixed with humor and real-life stories, Fire Song invites us to discover our purpose and place in the ancient, unfolding drama we find ourselves in—the story that began in Eden, and defines who we are and what it means to be human. Most of us feel disconnected from this story, as if we’ve been set adrift and donʼt know the way home. But we retain a memory, however faint, of the way we were and ought to be—but no longer are. Like the echo of a melody we never learned but once knew by heart, the ancient story burns within us and beckons us to sing again.


Fire Song asks us to consult our intuitions, common sense and intellect to consider the existence of God, the nature of creation, the reality of the soul and the purpose of life, in addition to questions surrounding the possibility of historical knowledge and Biblical authority, the problem of evil, person of Jesus and what it means to be human. The result is a disarming but compelling invitation to find Jesus at the center of our story as the best example of humanity, and our only hope of living like full human beings again.

2 reviews for Fire Song: Rediscovering The Ancient Melody

  1. rsweesy (verified owner)

    Fire Song is a wonderful read due to the fast-paced narrative style in which it is written. The book is filled with insights presented is a very engaging dialogical manner, and on page after page the reader is treated to a nourishing banquet of ideas that really matter—ideas about truth, meaning, value, God, the soul, and life after death. I highly recommend it. — JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University and author of The Kingdom Triangle

  2. Charlie Bourn

    If you have family members or friends who don’t believe in a higher power than this book is for you. John provides fresh ideas and meaningful insights when it comes to belief in the Christian God. John provides so many good points that will encourage conversation starters.

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