The Bible and Mormon Scriptures Compared


Do The Bible and the scriptures used by Mormons say the same thing? This is a vital question that is answered in this well researched book by Dr. Charles Crane.



I was born and raised in a Mormon settlement in Oregon, later to live in Salt Lake City. My friends and neighbors were Latter-Day-Saints. A neighbor man gave me a Book of Mormon and asked that I read it, pray about it and God would give me a burning in my bosom that it was true. Each evening as I went to bed I got on my knees and prayed that God would show me the truth. I was thirteen years old.

Glaring inconsistencies bothered me, which I discussed with this very fine neighbor. The result was not me becoming LDS but him becoming a Christian and strong Christian leader. For sixty-five years I have continued to study with LDS missionaries, church apologists and friends. Many have found the freedom that comes from knowing Christ.

This book was forged in the fires of experience. It is the approach that has proven most effective. This is the third revision and the book has now been out of print for years. It has been a best seller. I heartily recommend it for LDS friends, neighbors and family members. It is a must read for all Christians that have questions about the Mormon faith.

Dr. Charles A. Crane