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Welcome to our Vendor Page.  At Endurance Press it is our passion to bring fresh new voices into print. Stick around and check out our latest offerings. I’m sure you’ll love your time here. Be sure to check back often. We have exciting new releases planned for this year.

The EP Mission:

“Endurance Press was founded on Hebrews 12:1 and the fact that all of us are in the race of life.  No matter who we are there are circumstances that will come at us that affect the way we run.  We have the ability to shed those things that hinder us and run the race that is set before us with Endurance.  Our passion at EP is to publish stories that will tug at your heart and encourage you to examine where in the race you are, what you need to shed, and to teach you how to run with Endurance.”

How to buy:

“There are two ways to order our books. Currently we are distributed through Ingram and Spring Arbor. More distribution houses will be added in the future, but for now Ingram serves us well. Ingram has our books at their standard discounts and they are fully returnable, although I’m sure you won’t need to return them. The second avenue to bring our books into your stores is to open an account directly with Endurance Press. The benefits of a direct account is a better trade discount. If you wish to open an account simply fill out the Vendor Contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.”

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